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Welcome to the 2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog.  The table of contents below mirrors the printed version of the catalog.  Academic information is presented within the context of the organizational structure of the university. "QUICK LINKS" offers additional ways to reach information in the catalog.  Links to web pages related to the web catalog are available on the bottom navigation bar.

This web catalog is an informational guide to Ball State University. This information is subject to change and should not be considered a contract. Changes are possible for a number of reasons, including changes in certification or licensing standards for certain programs of study, or because of periodic reviews of academic programs, curricula, and course offerings by the university governance system. The university, through its academic advising system, will make every effort to help students adapt to changes in the catalog. However, the final responsibility for meeting academic and graduation requirements rests with each student. Students are encouraged to consult frequently with their faculty or academic advisors and to remain in regular contact with major departments in order to stay informed about possible changes in this catalog.

General Information
History, mission and commitments of Ball State University, as well as accrediting information.

Information related to general admission policies and categories of admission, policies related to fees.

Degree Requirements
Information related to time limits and types of credit, grading system, course withdrawal and other policies. 

Educational Opportunities
Information related to student services and programs which enhance and assist undergraduate education.

General Academic Programs
Information related to specific types of degrees awarded to undergraduates, requirements of the University Core Curriculum, and a guide to course prefixes used by departments.

Academic Colleges, Departments and Programs
The "College List," which originates from this page, links to all approved programs and courses, majors, minors, and other curricula in all areas offering academic programs.

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